donderdag 19 mei 2016

Celestial Alignment

I could not have planned this better if I tried. Decided not to make a trip to Den Bosch after all for some foamballs, as the shipping costs are lower then the price of a train ticket (and I would spend a day there, buying food and drinks and God knows what), so ordered some polystyrene balls online.

What I had not realised is how well they would fit inside each other! It's a 15, 20 and 25cm ball (BFG rules say 1-15cm small planet, 16-25 medium planet and 26-50cm. I say NO, as the sizes for the big planets is something that I can't afford, can't store or want on my table cause it eats up a ton of space, so for me 1-10cm is small, 11-20 is medium and anything above that (only 25 for me then) is large and that looks just fine, thank you very much :) )

I'll do the two 20 and 25cm halves as gas giants, not sure yet about the 15 cm ones, maybe a cracked plates / lava world and a ice planet. Nothing overly fancy. The 2 each of 4 and 5cm balls will be moons, most likely with 1 or 2 full of craters like the other one..... Not sure yet if I will cut these in half too or just lop off a bit so they stand up on the table and glue a round base to them. Would have to check if I still have 40mm and 50mm round bases. Or just call Evin to cut me some.

Also nice, Urbanmatz sent me a message today telling me my mats have been shipped. Delivery in 2-10 working days. It is by GLS though, so I hope I'm home when they drop them off cause their depot is in Den Bosch.

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