zondag 8 mei 2016

Shed - Finished! Plans- Made! Desk - Cleared!

Bit of a delay, but my mood turned really sour...well, down. Ran into a person who bid 10 euros on my Kampfgruppe Normandy book at the local Marktplaats and when I turned his bid down proceeded to tell me it was a fair offer as it only sold for 17 euros on Ebay.co.uk. I kept it polite, told him the Sold listings on that Ebay were 10 Pounds, 14 Pounds and 40 Pounds, none of them with the authors signature and if wants to buy a 2 kilogram book in the UK and pay for the shipping he was more then welcome to. And removed his bid. I have no time with people who use Ebay prices in arguments, taking the highest when they want to sell, and the lowest when they want to buy. Life is too short for this. Besides, the book has been sold to Finland by someone who agreed to the asking and the shipping price. He even gets a bargain as I mixed up the weights and gave him a cheaper shipping option so I'll have to fork another 10 euros out of my own pocket. Meh, such is life, shows I need to pay more attention when I'm sending out quotes, but I'll be damned if I let the customer pay for my own mistake. My fault, my cost. Creating more space is more imprtant now.

Current score for 1 week of selling is now: 55 euros. Outstanding payments: 160 euros.

Sofar 1 mat is almost funded, when the other payments are made (maybe send out a reminder) or 2) both mats and shipping is funded. After a chat with Modhail it seems the only possible planned purchase will be MDF scenery for Necromunda. As we plan to do BFG first and must try not to forget Frostgrave that won't be happening for at least 3-4 months, so I can just save up.

Anyway, the shed :) It took us another full day to sort everything out, we made a nice little recycling center, labelled most of the boxes and can now easily park our bikes and kiddiestuff in the shed.

Sorted! (quite literally so)

One happy Kim :)

Trash, all sorted by type. That way you can juist drive from dumpster to dumpster (one for each type of waste). Also nice is that we got a discount for sorting it all so neatly, one load like this usually is 10 euros, we just had to pay 4. And when I mentioned to the friend who's trailer we borrowed that I only have some experience with trailers when I got my licence back in 1995, and that was backing up the 12 metre tractor trailer into the fence surrounding the truck wash I worked then (granted, not my best moment), she kindly offered to drive. Better sort out a bottle of wine to repay that good deed.
Plenty of other reasons why I'm still down though, after a big job I just cave in a bit. Well, it is pretty hard for me to focus so it uses up a ton of energy so I'm pretty burned out by the time that I'm done.

So, to recharge I plan to just do what little that needs to be done this week (which is not a whole lot), clear both desks and spend my days doing hobby stuff. It has been 6-7 weeks since the last time, a break would be nice! 1 problem, my hobby desk now looks like this:

That dog won't hunt! A bit of time, a beer and some music later.....

Still not perfect but this will suffice.
Picked a bag of 1/35 bombs, a knife and some glue and I'll have a go at assembling a few of them. Cause I have a lot of stuff to get ready for the TNT demo at Poldercon next year, the FB page for it has just been opened so it is time to promote my game. Already have  2 applicants for the 8 spaces that I have, but as far as I know you can't sign up for it untill that opens in November of this year.

Also, I think I have sorted out my goody bag for the players.
  • Custom ruler
  • Dice
  • Copy of the demo rules, laminated and bound
  • Sheet of the cardboard characters
  • Bottle of Nuka Cola
Sofar I've managed to do this cost free. The Nuka Cola (well the Coca Cola bottles I mean) I'll buy nearer to the date due to expiration dates and all that. That will cost me money, around 10 euros in total. Nuka Cola labels I can print off through a friend. Same goes for cap labels. Both free. The bottle will be a in game gimmick, exchange 1 cap for a free reroll. Laminating everything for 8 players will set me back 6-7 euros in laminator sheets. Sufficient free D10 dice from China for another 5 euro. Now I just need to find 8 blank A4 sized plastic carry bags and a job for someone that will make me able to afford the costs (and I think I just found one). Cost per demoplayer sofar is about 2,75 euro per player. That is right, it is actually costing me money to make sure people will have a lasting impression. I'm not saying freebies are a must, but I think of them as a sort of thank you note to the players for taking the time to take my demo. I'm that kind of guy.

Now, all this yapping has again eaten up my time. Another day gone, but the next 5 days will be mine. Mine I tell you!

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    1. Thx, I'm happy it is over for now. Next up is the attic but that is more long term, most likely the rest of the summer :)

  2. All looks nice now Johan! And I see a nice FIGZ mug on your desk!
    And about selling and buying, I don't discuss about the price. If I want it I pay what they ask for it!


    1. Well, you know Marktplaats is weird like that, people are always making lowballbids to see if they get lucky I suppose. Hence I only use it for every day items, not hobby stuff. Too much aggro. :D

  3. You've been hard at work!
    Let me know when you're about to order that mdf terrain, if I've got enough cash squirreled away by then we can split shipping.

  4. Another job well done! Enjoy your hobby time!