vrijdag 6 mei 2016

Shed - Day 1

We have this arrangement with my parents that a couple of times a year, they pick up the girls, not for 2 days, but for most of the week, and that Kim and I spend that time doing the bigger chores around the house that are almost impossible to do with 2 little ones running around.

This time, we attack the shed. It has been a downright mess ever since I moved in here, and other then a vague attempt at cleaning 2 years ago nothing ever came of it. With the garden done (mind you, that was last year) we at least have the space now to put everything in neat piles.

Usually, there are 3 bicycles in here too. What you don't see is all of the additional wiring on the right side of the wall (just out of frame). The previous owner was a self declared "handy man" of the Oh My God type. Oh My God in did he really wire that with substandard wire in a wet environment and why have I not electrocuted myself yet - kind of way. Also, he liked rilling holes. The shed looks like it has been shot up by not one, but 2 MG-42's. Seriously, it is hard to find a single brick that does not have a hole in it. From the centre beam alone I removed 12 nails and about the same number of screws that were just sticking out of it.
Good solid 90 mins later. Yes, that big blue bundle on top of blue foam. I once picked that beat up package up at a local DIY for the mere ccost of a case of cheap beer. Chucking it out was too much effort for them. By this time I had removed the first 6 feet of electracl cabling that wasn't connected to anything, plus 8 power sockets
About an hour later I had cleared the shed. I jokingly added that this would make a great hobbyroom too but I got the stare so I shut up pretty quickly.
I was then moved outside so Kim could clean all of the shelves. There was plenty of work to do outside, sorting everything into piles, mostly Trash, For Sale, Recycling and Tools. I knew I had a lot of tools but so many kept popping up.
This was after removing the first layer of grime and dust and spider shit. We removed a few realy big ones (by Dutch standards anyway. We don't get anything as big as you lot in Australia or South America). After she was done I removed the ancient light from the back and another 2 metres of cable held in place by I kid you not, 12 clamps, one for almost ever 10 cm... And then removed some more nails from the walls. There is another socket in between the levels of the boards that serves no use what so ever but Kim said she wants to keep it. Ok.

Sorting station, or as Erik called it, Triage. On the right against the fence we sorted out the recyclable metals for pickup this evening, then moving to the left we have empty boxes, boxes of tools and painting supplies, cardboard for recycling and in the back the rather small pile for the communal recycling station and the cans of paint that have spent many a hot summer and freezing winter in the shed (aka fecking useless now). On the very left the row of boxes and cases after a good cleaning, ready to be labelled tomorrow or later next week.

2:00 in the evening now and still not tired. The cleanings give me a drive I usually lack. A few more hours of work tomorrow and a drive to the dump and we are good to go. As the kids won't be back till sunday we will have the entire saturday to ourselves. Tomorrownight, Kim will be out of the house, and Erik will come over for a look at the ricidulous amount of BFG I have traded in the last month or so, and set a plan for the coming months.

I've picked up a can of paint and a can of satin varnish for the gaming table, it will be all black with hazard trim like the small table. Not sure yet if I want to bother with stars or keep it plain black and let my planets (be it 2D or 3D) do the work. We'll see.

Ok, NOW I'm tired.....

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  1. Nice spring clean out! You both did a fantastic job cleaning that shed!