maandag 2 mei 2016

Trading places - first cabinet completed!


Been going over the paperwork for the past 2 days, planning and replanning where stuff will need to go. Since I know what I have tools and paint wise, I know this cabinet will suffice for now.

So, from top to bottom:
  1. Tutorial mags and print outs, how-to books.
  2. Spare paper towels, glue, punches and pippetes for transferring paint for the airbrush.
  3. My entire paint collection.
  4. Tools, wire, scultpint tools, hot glue gun, sandpaper, Oyumaru clay and moulds.
  5. Tea shelf - cooker, tea and mugs.
  6. Basing sand, gels and texture pastes plus disposable gloves for spraying.
  7. Spraycans, wood glue and a Pringles can 1/5th filled with granite chips.
This will not stay this way. I will actually take stuff out, and I've stored other stuff that I hardly use in the attic. The plan is to take what materials that we have and place 2 rails in the space between the cabinet and the window, and lay planks to fill that space. Very shallow ones at the bottem so I can fit 2 Ikea Moppe side by side, to give me space to store my tools in a more sorted fashion and free up space in the cabinet. Going up the planks can be deeper, maybe 1 or 2 shelves for my helmet/cap collection. Anything in between is free space. Cost would be in the F-rails if Kim decides that the ones we have are needed elsewhere, but they are not very expensive, 2 of them should set me back less then 15 euros. About the same in hooks. Planks I can get multiplex and varnish that, say for another 30. I've budgetted this at 75 euros for just the rails and planks just in case, and is something I plan on doing in June. This gives me 2 months to look for second hand items (or to sell even more so I can afford this).

Yup, I can see this working.

Final note of the day, I took a small trip to Eindhoven today to pick up 2 Ikea Franklin barstools. Lady had them up for sale, the pair for 12,50 euros, but mentioned that they no longer folded hence the low price, and that they are 3 years old. I found that a bit odd so brought a can of WD-40 just in case, but I needn't have worried. The Franklin has a built in safety feature that locks the seat in place, but a quick tap underneath unlocks it. So much to her amazement I showed how it was done, gave them a quick checking up and paid her the money. After a quick clean up at home I noticed the foot rest on both of them is missing a screw, but that is a standard M4 metal screw so I will pick up those tomorrow. So 2 virtually brand new barstools (really, hardly a scratch on them), 70 euros if I would have had to buy them new, for 12,50 cash, 3 euros worth of fuel, 1 euro for the parking meter and the box of steel screws will set me back another 2 euros, just to have something to rest our feet and backs in the corner during a game......we tried sitting in the regular chairs, but with the board 95cm up you end up looking a bit like this:
Best thing is, when not in use, I can store them in the hallway cabinet my wife uses for clothes and cleaning supplies, so they take up no room in the hobby room.

Next time we will give them a try out. If 2 turns out to be too much, I can always sell 1 or keep it around for whenever we have birthdays and not enough chairs (like every single time.....).

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  1. So organised! It is safe to say that we are opposites ;-)

    I wish I was better at returning things to where they belong!

    1. Clear everything once a week? And make sure everything has a place else it won't work and stuff will just pile up.

  2. Looking very good Johan! Nice and clean!