maandag 9 mei 2016

Hall of Heroes, Part 1

Spent a bit of time today concreting 10 wooden blocks, stripping the tabs off 10 plastic monopose Space Marines (from the MacCragge set I believe), adding steel pins in the feet, sanding down the concrete, basing 7 of them on 40x40 MDF bases and making plans what to do with the remaining 3 , using a whole lot of expoxy glue, made moulds of the Imperial Aquilla and cast that 9 times.

Tomorrow, grab some plasticcard and make 3 more bases, rip one marine apart and epoxy on the aquilas after cleaning them up with  a new sharp blade. Then remove the mould lines on all of the Marines, pin them to the paint stands and spray them Gold. If I can remember where I put my can of Gold that is.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see you back busy with the hobby! Great choice of figures!


  2. Perhaps you could use the left over 3 plints to make destroyed statues?