dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

2 Necromancers enter. Neither leaves....cause they are both dead!

Well, tonights Frostgrave game went pretty disastrous! Erik/Modhail decided to field his Necromancer vs my Necromancer on this table.

From here it just got bad. Really, really bad....
Ok, looks a bit shitty, but we discussed  how the blocks look and making bare plastered walls and blocks 3 inches high should make a pretty quick dungeon...at a later date. This gives plenty line of sight breakers though. Seeing as I have a shooting heavy warband and Erik a CC oriented one, this gave some concern on my part.

No monsters showed up today.....they were probably in the dark corners laughing themselves to death at our petty excuse for spellcasting. I managed to cast 5 spells, Erik 2 or 3. On the other hand my Captain managed to kill his Captain after I had softened him up with an arrow to the knee. At one point my wizard...standing on the ruined tower in plain view of everyone....dumbass....took a arrow to a more vital part of his anatomy and ended up with 1 life left. My apprentice then cast Leap on him and flung him through the blue portal (didn't do anything, was just there to look nice), saving him, only to have my wizard cast a spell in the next turn, failing, and killing himself in the process. <sigh> My Warhound did pretty well, tying up his Wizard in combat, and then managing to cast Bones of the Earth on his Wizard, literally pinning him in place.....only to see the same thing get cast on my Warhound by his Apprentice..... Ah, the smriking faces full of frustration.

It was nice to feel worry free for an evening.

We agreed that this really was our final test game and that the campaign should start in October. Just the 2 of us. First we will play the 3 mutual games to get some level ups, and after that there will be more games untill we tire of it? Or a wizard dies? Who knows.

My current band consists of 1 Wizard, 1 Apprentice, 1 Captain, 2 Archers, 3 Thieves and a Warhound. Sofar, only the Warhound is painted :D (well, I'm using the GW old plastic wolf for it). This gives me a month to paint the remaining members of the warband. Well, really just the Wizard, Captain and a Archer for the first mutual scenario, but better to paint the lot. Nothing that should worry me or cause me to hasten and stress out.

Also, my Sarissa stuff arrived today. I have some minor criticism about that, but more on that at a later date.

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  1. This game was brutal! My dice really didn't like me when it came to spellcasting... In the end I had only one surviving warrior, but only because he fled the board with a treasure early in the game. There's probably a thief in the outskirts of Felstad currently trying to sell whatever treasure he found to pay for his journey as far away as he can...