maandag 29 augustus 2016

I'm flying high.....

Well, sort of.

I'm still waking up full of energy, go to my room, clean, sort and busy. Just finished the gaming table, using that right now as a packing and sorting table for all my stuff that I'm selling right now.

Nothing to see here!

 Also on there are the 5 boxes. Don't have anywhere else to put them untill I sort the cabinets. C'est la vie!

I've been listing stuff like crazy to raise funds for MDF scenery for Necromunda from Wargames Tournaments 30% off sale which runs untill Wednesday. 82.50 euro in 2 days time. Then it hit me what a utter crap idea it is. Will I do anything with it in the next 6 months? Most likely not. So it is a bit pointless, innit? I mean, I still have a stack of Frostgrave stuff to paint and that is a game I'm actually playing! More money in the Paypal bank is never a problem though, so that is ok.

Nice to know my brain still works like it should, if with a bit of a delay. I'm still very nervous, skittish and I'm looking forward to calming down a bit.

Next up is the painting table.

Looks like a lot, but considering I managed to clean the PC table, the floor and the gaming table in under a week I'm confident to engage the enemy and defeat him in battle :). Just draw lines and nibble away at the mess, from right to left :)

I've been outside now a couple of times, once even with the girls and I'm handling it ok-ish. It's very busy in my head, but I'm standing up straight and I'm smiling all the time so that is good. My brain chemistry should normalise in a month or so....or so they say. I'm not looking forward to the downward move, which I know is going to come, but I'm confident that with a clean room and plenty of time at the gym it will be a lot easier to ride out. Sure, there is always the worry the UWV will give bad news, but even if they do, we'll find a way to deal with that.

While cleaning, I found a few sheets of laminated planets and asteroids I had done up a few months ago, and I cut them all out (without casualties!), put them in the BFG drawer and called it a day.

2D planets and asteroids
Right, off to watch Frostgrave Youtube video's :)

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