woensdag 17 augustus 2016

Where I am at with the This is not a Test (TNT) demo for Poldercon 2017

Over a little less then 6 months Poldercon is up, and I have not made the progress I wanted to. I´ve noticed, and this is nothing new, that I prefer to start and finish something in one night (excluding varnishing) as in my current state of mind I have a lot of trouble focussing. This works fine with smaller scale stuff, not so well with larher items unless I do just one thing.

Call me bad, lazy or anything like that, I just lose interest really quickly in one particular item of the bigger plot (not all the time though).

So, TNT. I've decided to move away (for now) from making a full ruined city and make something more manageable on a 90x90 table, that can also double as a table for Modhails zombies, Supernatural stuff like Big Trouble in Little China or Chtullu. I've been working a lot recently with lasercut products, be it MDF or Cardboard, and I like it, and I have sold a lot of stuff (wouter, including some of your old stuff, thanks again!), so I have some funds.

I've decided to go for a trailer park. I've painted a 15mm trailer before and that turned out ok. I've been spending the last few weeks looking at options (resin, MDF, thick card) and availability, put some hard thought into what I wanted to spend etc, and settled for the following map.

Since the aim here is to spike a pre-War water heater, I've given that centre stage. I've made a conceptual design of a 4 booth and 8 booth shower, with room for the water heater in the middle. C = car, T = trailer. The red lines are fences. The trailers I picked up from Sarissa Precision Ltd, they have an offer for a bundle of 6 trailers for a reduced price and 2,50 Pounds flat free shipping worldwide, and they come reccomended by friends. I've added some park benches as scatter to the order, as well as a Children's Playground. There goes 80 Pounds. The other parts come from TT Combat. Initially I had my focus on them, to make 2 rows of Brownstones and a centre street, but (for now) that costs too much. Through Trolltrader on Ebay I purchased the Bus Stop, the Construction Office as a stand in for my reception desk, and the Subway Entrance (not for this game) so goodbye another 20 Pounds. Cars I have plenty, just need to finish a few more. Fences won't be a problem as I have my mighty The Chopper and plenty of basing material, so I just need to measure stuff for a bit and get cutting. The Pool I'd like to have cut by a Evin, custom size, 3 layers of MDF (2mm Base, 2x 2mm thickness walk area, 2 pool stairs, maybe a springboard, with the baseplate painted glossy black/brown for the water with plenty of fixed (newspapers, leaves) and non fixed (skeleton on a air cushion, bike handle, both based on 1mm plasticcard) debris. The rest of the MDF used can be filled with more bases, 2 birds with one stone. All of this based on my Concrete floor mat.

The Sign.....I can't decide on a name yet. Shady Acres being the standard one, but Heavenly Haven is nice (for you Dredd fans). Shape wise there are tons of options to choose from, but I see no problems there ordering this from Patrick/Evin. Anyone have any nice name ideas?

Final detailing will most likely be a mixed order from Black Cat Bases (I have a substantial gift coupon from them that I want to cash in) and bits and pieces from Delta Dog. He's a gifted sculpter who does a lot of 28mm Fallout stuff, and a Aspie like myself, and after a brainstorming session earlier this week we decided we must have plastic flamingoes. He'll do the printing and moulding, I'll do the buying of quite a few of those as well as other items like a Nuka Cola machine and smaller items. I'll need a bunch of letterboxes too, now that I think of it.

While those items arrive (just the MDF bits I mean) I can spend all of my attention to the 3mm Berlin/Stalingrad table, and tomorrow I should receive a medium sized box full of corner pieces and city block bases, so I can glue down what I have and get cracking with the rest of them.

Also, I need to sell more stuff :) And clean this hellhole. Other then that, just dandy. Shrink next week, can't wait :)

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  1. Looks like a fun project! Compared to most trailer parks I have seen, your pool seems a bit generous in size... but then your ideas for how to do it are so good, that it should be a centerpiece!

    be sure to have some "astroturf" fake grass outside of the trailers, as this seems like a required element for trailers. Along with plastic chairs (and flamingos!) it will not degrade quickly. You could probably do it with a bit of railroad grass sheet, paint the correct color, and then give it a gloss spray.

    1. That is actually a very good idea. And I have the perfect solution for it, I can just invert the Hotz mats small fields so the green side is up, and use that as "Astro turf". Thank you!

  2. Sounds great! I am over my head in TT Combat MDF scenics myself and they sell A grade stuff! Anyway I am curious how you will make the fences and will probably try to copy you. Also I do not know where you get those cars from, I cannot get any American looking cars in 28mm scale here anywhere!

    1. Fences should be the least of my worries :) I have tons of swizzle sticks and boxes of large matches, combined with 100mm long bits of plasticcard and cutting everything to size on The Chopper should make it possible to loads of them relatively quickly. I'll need 3 metres of the stuff, so plenty to do. Action recently had Russian die casts which included 60's and 70's looking cars for 1 euro a piece, and I keep finding Doc Hudson cars from Cars, The Movie, which is perfect for this.

  3. That is some decent planning! I like the mix of americana and post-apocalypse you're going for! Random ideas for trailer park names:
    "Sunnyvale" (from the Trailer Park Boys tv show)
    "The Duke of Nukem Estates"
    "Starlite, Starbrite" (from the movie: The Last Starfighter)

    1. Maybe I just need to make magnetic removable signs :) Actually, not a bad idea, the pointing arrow and basepframe could be the same, just slap on some magnetic tape and done.