donderdag 25 augustus 2016

New MDF pieces for TNT have arrived

I had a few distractions today. I woke up fully energized (have not felt that way in months) and after breakfast I just started clearing stuff in my room by myself. Lights low, shutters and door closed. My mother in law passed by to have a chat with Kim and wish me well, and was amazed at the progress I have made this week (and the enormous mountain of stuff on my gaming table). Sticking to the simple rules, drawing lines and finishing those parts, and not fretting when it is not working is making a big difference.....for now. I now have to teach myself to do this every day, and the closer I get to having a clean room, the easier it will be to stick to it. And if I do have an off day, so be it. There is always another, and doing a bit each day is much easier then doing 90 minutes of work in a day.

This must all sound like something completely logical to you, the reader, but to my brain, it is not. Ever since leaving my parents house at 17, I've never had a daily cleaning routine that I could stick to for more then a few days, before drifting back into chaos. I'm not saying it will be different now, or easier, but I'm trying my best. And Kim is backing me up 100%

Well, my morning ended with this:
No more junk under either desk, nor on any part of the floor for that matter. PC desk fully cleaned, the stack of books are books I'm selling off (if anyone wants a cookbook by various British chefs? Mostly Gordon Ramsay in this case). As you can see the painting desk still looks Hiroshima, used as a dumping ground.
Put up a temporary recycling centre for all the plastic, paper and other. Gotta do my part!
Meanwhile, I have 3 problem areas on the list to be cleared. My painting table, the small cabinet on my right with all of the new arrivals and other assorted crap, and the gaming table.
Yes, about that........gaming table :)  But the same principle, Draw a line. Sort, throw away, sell or keep. Clean. Next line.
So....after consulting with Delta Dog he asked me to clean the gaming table first, with the logic that I look at the painting table as the main prize. Fair enough.

I took the rest of the afternoon off as it is 32 degrees here and I'm happy here in my darkend, closed room. Kim left early for a barbie with her sister, one that I declined as I'm lacking people skills now even more then usual :)

But, with progress slow but steady, I was happily surprised to see a package for me on the doormat, with the first 3...well, 2 pieces for the This is not a Test table at Poldercon (the third being more city orientated). UK to me in 1 week, nice :)

The subway sentrance is for later, I'll only need one of the bus stops now but I'll build both at the same time, and the costruction office, which will be the check in booth. I already have some Fallout PC's, I just need to make/buy/beg/borrow a suitable table to go with it. But that can come after it is done and is not perse neccesary for the table either.

I'm not doing anything with these or my 3mm city right now though. I'm really nervous, and my eyes are all over the place (not literally) and it is extremely hard to focus my mind. Since I feel it is not safe for me to drive anywhere I'm just staying put.

Another early night for me. I might draw a line on the gaming table and sort it. Or I may not.

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  1. Do what you can, when you can. If and when you can't, try to accept it without guilt or struggle. Easy to type, hard to do. Still learning it myself
    If you want/need/like help with that table, just let me know, I'd be glad to help. Will work for lead, and all that. ;P

    1. Built up enthusiasm for most of the day, hobbied a bit (just glue, no knives) and now working on the first strip of the gaming table. Getting there, slowly, with a steady stream of gaming podcasts in the background.

  2. Good progress. It's hot here in the UK, and I don't want to do anything! Heat saps my energy and creativity. With the Autumn hopefully creativity will return.

  3. 32c? Hope you guys have aircon.

    Anyway, as Jack Sarge says, Modhail is right, do what you can when you can, that is what is important.

    1. 28c today, slowly dropping, and no, we don't have AC so I'm slowly mummifying. Very Pulpy in a way. We just close the shutters and and ride it out. Should have more agreeable weather soon!

  4. I could use you as an example when it comes to sticking to rules you laid upon yourself and focus.
    When I start a project there are at least two distractions in between, some will probably never be completed.

    1. You could try that. Aym I just keep getting back in my room, sitting down, looking at my desk, aligning my pens (What, OCD, me? Nah....) and then looking at what clutter I can remove off the table. And floor. etc. Slowly whittling away at the mess. Trying not to surf too much by just putting up a podcast so I can just listen. I've opened the shutters today to let some light in, put up shelves for Kim, listed a lot of stuff on sales groups. Also got completely pissed off several times and literally through some tools to the room, hanging the shelves took ma a good 2 hours. But I did it. And I'm going to continue to do t right, not too fast, not to slow, but just doing it.

    2. I didn't know it was that bad, ...
      But still, you get stuff done.
      It will be at your own pace and sometimes you might get angry over it, but you do it anyway.

    3. Give it a few more days and I'm back to "normal". I'm noticing that whatever catches my eye, I pick it up and put it in the trash/for sale box/storage without too much of a problem. It is going a lot easier then in the beginning of the week. So....progress!