woensdag 17 augustus 2016

Go out and look at trees!

No, I have not gone hippie on you.

Right now, here in Europe, it is time to collect the following:
  • Birch seeds....by now the whole pods will be dry yet still clinging to the tree. Grab em, dry them, and sort them, then use as dead leaves on your scenery
  • Black Alder pods.....dry them and paint them green to use as 3-6mm trees or potted plants for 15-28mm. Add green flock to them for a different look.
Microwaving your collected stuff kills any bugs, and soak them in a glycerine/water mix for a few days to preserve them.

If you have purchased a leaf punch (available at various locations) now is the time to collect dark green leaves and preserve those too with the same method, then use the punch to make in scale leaves.

If you can't be bothered you can always buy the stuff in hobby shops. That works too :)

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