dinsdag 4 april 2017

La Maison Chinoise

I picked up this book at the 2nd hand store yesterday for 50 cents. It's a 1980 reprint of a 1957 book on Chinese houses (and it's in French). I picked it up due to the scenery I am building for Japan and could use fsome ideas for Chinese stuff to go with the 28mm Osprey rulesset which features a pulpy Big Trouble in Little China feel (cleverly hiding that I have forgotten what the rulesset is actually called)

In it are drawings, photographns and maps of various types of Chinese homes, official buildings and temples of various groups. Considering the age of most of the pictures and the state of China after the Cultural Revolution, I doubt there is much left standing, if anything.

But hey, the book gives me quite a bit of inspiration for future builds :) Enjoy some of the pcitures I made from the book.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. That's a great reference book, lots of inspiration.

  2. Looks like a very useful book for Chinese or "generic Asian" buildings. Seems like some of it could even be useful for sci-fi games (wasn't China a feature of your 28mm near future stuff?)

    1. China in sci-fi was a very temporary 20mm thing, before I decided that would be waay more effort then just a Tatooine styled board. I do however have figures for a 28mm Big Trouble in Little China idea and this book is most welcome for it. That and 20mm.