zaterdag 29 april 2017

Past and Presents

First up: thx guys. I appreciate your comments on the previous post, it means a lot to me. I'm looking forward to my new job, I hope to sign the paperwork next week to finalise everything. Scared shitless, but hey.

Hobbywise, I'm really pushing myself. I received 2nd hand Britannia WW2 japanese, dug out my lot of once bought Taliban, unpacked my latest order from Grubby tanks of 2 bags of Soviet and Yugoslav partisans and cleaning, sanding and basing the lot of them. I just want to get them all cleaned and based before my new job starts.

 Partisan all based and sanded, Japanese all based up and ready for filler on the bases, and some Taliban already sanded. I'm using mostly 1 euro cents, but the comms unit and the HMG are getting 2nd choice MDF bases....I can always drill in a hole later to mount a magnet.

 Ol cast Britannia tank (but even that has a few bubbles on the running gear that I need to fix) and my first fully based HMGs. Crew is seperate for casualty removal.

 Taliban waiting their turn for filler and sand.

Everything I fillered tonight, now in the process of adding sand, all Taliban that one, including some Tier 1's.

And in the mail yesterday, a gift, stickers for the Gaslands dice: I put my blank dice to good use. Now to build more cars.

So far I've found 3 interested locals, trying to arrange a date soon for a playtest. Good for motivation.

Also good for motivation was this....a local chap was selling over 100 kits in one go, I sent him a wanted list and I managed to get almost everything I wanted, bar 5 kits.

4 T-72M1's for my Republican Guard, 1 T-55 for a roadside, wheelless wreck that I will make as generic as possible, M60A3 for reasons, Anti tank on=bstalces for Normandy, Caesar SiG-33 for my germans, Zil-157 for use as a civillian truck, US 2,5 ton truck in a bag on top.....most likely a late war captured one for my Germans, more boxes of bombs, racks and gunpods, 2 boxes of 105mm British Light Field Guns, for again, reasons,  and several ICM kits, some to become civives, others to become command and militia vehicles. I have another big box to pick up next week, trading old GW tat for that. Also in the mail is a 1/720 Prinz Eugen (to get proper naval artillery support for a future Kurland book perhaps?), a 1/700 Japanese Destroyer for reasons and finally, my first Revell T-55 which will be modded quite a bit.

So busy, so much to do but really enjoying myself. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Well done on getting the job - I must have missed the previous post. Good news is always a motivator. Hope all goes well for you.

  2. I picked up a quick reference sheet at Salute for Gaslands, but couldn't find the ruleset. These stickers also look mighty useful, where did you get those?
    Good luck with all these projects :)!

    1. The rules don't come out till October Woutter :) The stickers I got for free after the demo, but they went missing somehow. The demo guy was kind enough to send me a new set. And thx :)