vrijdag 14 april 2017

Rocketpowered Yoyo!

No, I don't have one, but I'm acting like one.In the past 10 days I've gone from major misery to being so happy to the point that it pissed off Kim. How come?

-Letter from the UWV. 18 months after the accident, due to circumstances we can only send you this letter now, but please fill in all of the details about the accident. No sorry, no please, just that I must return it in 2 weeks time. I tried remembering things, but all good it did to me is make me very anxious, scared and restless at night....I have not had a proper nights rest for almost 2 weeks. But I'm working on it.
- I passed the Windows Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) course of my training with a 10/10, so yeah :) Next exam is in 6 weeks.
-My hobbyroom looks like Katrina passed by, followed by some stomping of Godzilla. Working on it now.
-I've made a brilliant thing (if I do say so myself) after a brainwave, only to realise it's really NSFW so I might get into a tad of trouble showing it. I will, I just want to paint it first for a change. I'll let you know when I do by using big honking letters for NSFW on the top.
-I've been putting all of my trades, swaps and purchases in a Excel sheet, and was a bit shocked to see how much money actually goes back and forth. And how much is spent on shipping. Real eyeopener, in a baseball bat to the head kind of way.
-We made a new agreement about the stuff in the attic. After we sell the content of the box, the box gets sold as well so I can't refill it. 
- Still no news about the job I had a interview for. Well, that's not really true, I called the job agency twice, and as far as they know I'm on top of the list, I've ticked all of the boxes except the one for technical know how.....I don't see that as a problem, it makes it easier to just learn their technology, that's how I feel anyway. Patience is a virtue.....

But back to the hobby....

My care package from Chris (my stash adress in the UK)  has arrived and I want to get cracking on most of it asap. And sort the rest into their respective project boxes. More about that later.

The decals arrived to pimp the Hinderburg Zeppelin that I want to use for Crimson Skies. The slight issue now is that I can't seem to decide to go with 1/300 or 1/600 for that. If you have any ideas about that, let me know, as I'm a bit stuck. Well, edging towards 1/300 purely for visibility, but hey.

I've been rather busy with making stuff for Gaslands. Very busy.

I've angered the Kim godess by buying a 5th (second hand) whiteboard for my hobby room. The pleased her by showing her they are now labelled for my needs.

 Hobby - purely for purchase/trade notes and stuff to look out for.

 Blog - I have so many ideas I want to Blog about , this makes it a tad easier to get a overview right now.
The door board has become my idea board, of stuff I want to work on in the future or use for inspiration to make my own things.

The really big board is for notes etc, a bit of a mix of everything, and the small board next to me is for personal, job and financial related stuff so I won't be showing that :D

My trip to the second hand store was quite useful today., for 50 cents I got a bag full of really thick wooden kebab skewers, and 2 wooden...ehm....things used to display female stuff like candles, coloured sand and cat figurines.

They are made from a very lightweigth type of wood, so in my ind I can easily combine these with:
The freebie sheets of Styropor my mates gave me at Impact. Cut them into blocks and slabs, bin them in the pebble box and give them a good shake, and then glue them to the side walls of the now inverted wooden things. Repeat on top et voila, 2 stone docks/platform for various purposes.

Now I just have to do it, and my to do list is rather big atm. So lay off the coke and Youtube, and in with the tea and the craft knife while listening to the radio.

But enough of that for now, now back to clearing this apace pronto. I might Blog some more over Easter, I might not, so if I don't, enjoy your long weekend :)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Now I'm curious about your NSFW project, even though I never mix work and hobbytime.

    Shipping is indeed a killer, not to mention import tax. These are pure loss, shame some articles are almost impossible to acquire without.

    1. I've stopped buying stuff from the USA for that reason, and only small items from China.

  2. Shipping is a giant pain in the rear, as my own recent eBay sales show.

    And NSFW? I am trying to imagine what it could be. Pin-up nose art? M2A3?

  3. Damn, you've gotten me curious... And not just about the NSFW thing (My guess is Japanese fertility shrine/idol?) but there are some intriguing notes on your whiteboards as well.