maandag 29 mei 2017

30 day kit challenge! Day #6 - #7 progress

Day #6 I just removed a bunch of parts from the sprue for cleaning, then blogged, then tucked in early for a change. The kids were away for most of day #7, so I made some headway.. And as you can see from the kind of work I have to do, I'm not lowbaling myself through this challenge by doing just fastbuilds or salvage jobs either!

Basic stripped down chassis. everything underneath had added plasticcard to make it wargames proof.

After the basic cab was made, another layer of plasticcard was added with the correct holes (the insides will just be painted black) and the steel plate with a pattern I could actually punch out added to the radiator.

After doing a mock up in cardboard, I cut thye card, made the holes in each panel and built it, reinforcing all the joins from the inside and some cross bars.

And this is where I am now, the blue parts are blue foam which is very easy to sand which makes making shapes like these very easy to do, even if it takes a while for the Modge Podge to keep it stuck down on the scratched plasticcard.. Now it is time to apply the thinned filler for the concrete look and then do the tarp on top of the cab and base it.
In case you are wondering what on earth I'm building, I'm building a vehicle that is commonly known as a Bison. Basically a older heavy truck uparmoured with concrete. Yes, concrete. Have a look at the Wikipedia entry for more information. >> Bison

The model I'm making is a Type 2, used by the RAF and the Home Guard, and when I saw a picture of it I was struck by the resemblance the truck has to the one in the old 1/76 Matchbox kit of Monty's Caravan. I've been on the look out for that kit for some time now as I need it as a donor vehicle for the back end to put on the Lancia and use as a (captured) command vehicle for my 8th Army. I had planned to reuse the truck either as a wreck or as a converted commercial truck, but with this idea in my head I just could not let it go and bought the kit from a local shop for the sum of 9,50 euros (so nothing like the 12-15 Pounds plus shipping that I see online) and it arrived yesterday. This is also keeping in line with the mantra that what I get in the mail, it should be built asap and not linger in the attic in a box.

Anyway, a prime example of my Ooh, Shiney! ss I don't have Homeguard, BEF or Germans suitable for the period, but it is suitable as a commentators vehicle for Gaslands and a great way to flex my creative muscle, aka my brain. I'm not planning on building any more though! :D Well, maybe a Type 1....

Right, at the end of day #7 I have started on 7 items, of which 3 are now done. If I can keep this up for the remaining 3 weeks I am a very happy man indeed as 30 kits is almost an entire shelf.!

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  1. Love it, it's a great scratchbuild model. It makes me even wonder why you spend so much on kits, as with your skills you could scratchbuild a lot more things yourselves.

    1. Do I spend so much on kits? My limit per kit, on average, is 5 euros, be it in trade or cash. Using a kit as a base makes life so much easier and quicker for conversions. Sure, it may never be 100% perfect, but it looks the part :)

    2. You're probably the best placed to judge this.
      I only see the mountains you sometimes show 😉.
      But you're right. Having a large bits/kit box makes life easier if you love to convert.

    3. No, you are right, when I do buy, I tend to buy a big pile. The problem with buying second hand stuff is, well you know, you never know what you are going to find. It's a bit pointless to find a 5 euro kit and then pay 7 euros shipping for it, so if I have the chance and I see a lot of kits on offer and I can use at least 5 for my projects, I just get them. Either by trading old tat or outright buying it. And I'm saying no to a ton of stuff, I try really hard to ignore cheap stuff offered to me if it has no use to my build or conversion interests. Well, I try anyway. :)