maandag 29 mei 2017

30 day kit challenge! Day #8 was a fast one!

Day #8 (29th of May 2017) was a fast one.

  • 2nd Polski Fiat is now finished.
  • Bison is now based and ready for for concrete and final finishing.
  • Salvaged a ZIL-157 from the bottom of the bits box. It had a built cab, but broken rear axles, no headlights,, broken load bed. All fixed now, with some salvaged Blitz headlights, glue and extra reinforcing plasticcard. Plus a base. Will be painted as a beat up civillian truck, either Russian markings on the rear or just plain.

  •  Picked a new PST T-55 from the recent stash, looked at some pics of one with a gutted engine bay and went to work. Needs some clean up but basically done. Will be a (recently) gutted one for any area really, no roadwheels, just a few swing arms, no engine, turret is still there but it is basically dead and just weatherd scenery for a warzone or scrapyard.

Looks good enough for Government work. 

Done for today, already have some stuff lined up for tomorrow but that will be a short evening as I'm meeting up with a fellow builder for a small chat.

So, on day #8 I'm at 5 items finished, 4 WIP's. Going strong :)

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