zaterdag 19 maart 2016

An eventful week

Quite the week this was! Having listed the contents of my storage box last week, I found that on monday no one had even bothered to ask for information or make a bid, so I called the local goodwill store ifn they wanted to pick up the lot. And that they did. What could have been a nice figure in cash was taken for free, and I'm quite happy about it. Waiting for bids could have taken weeks, and now it is all empty besides a few more boxes of stuff I that I will pick up the next time. I also cancelled the lease, so I have to vacate it by April 18th. That is another 60 eros saved each month.
All that is left
I also filed my tax report and we are in for a small but welcome sum of money which will be usefull to cover the period that I'm out of work.

Starting next week (ok, I made a headstart) I will work to clear out my current hobby room and disassemble everything, storing everything in the attic. I have 16 days time untill my folks pick up our kids for a long week. I want to use that week to repaint their new room, so everything has to be gone by then. No ifs, buts and whens, it has to be done by then, so we can surprise them with a freshly painted new room when they get back. When that is finished I can rebuild my hobby room from scratch in the old kids room (won't bother with fixing that up as my cabinets will cover any damage done by the kids) and refill it with the stuff that I set aside to be returned. Then, and only then, will I start taking stuff down from the attic, 1 crate at a time, and going over the contents yet again to see what can be sold and what can stay. All of my hobby funds will have to come from that so some tough decosions will have to be made....again.

But what else happend this week?

Well, I had a testpiece made of the gift I want to give all who take my TNT demo at Poldercon.
It helps to know people who can lasercut and are willing to work for stuff I have this case I'm getting 22 more of these done in exchange for 3 binbags of foam I had been told to throw in the trash by my dear Kim anyway. Neat, ey? I've been a fan ever since I saw Ash from Guerilla Miniatures use them, so this was the next logical step. Well, in my train of thought anyway :)

While clearing boxes I found tons of kits I had forgrotten about, including these 2:
I had been looking in my parts boxes for suitable 28mm wheels to make a few Caravan carts from, and failed to spot any, so these will be the donor kits for that and I can use the remains of the cars to make wrecks of. They won't mix with the Cars cars but will do fine with the Marx cars.

I'm in for a busy weekend, not much time for the hobby, but plenty for my little girls as my niece is having her birthday this weekend and she and her sister love spoiling my kids.
Nikki and Emma....or is it Emma and Nikki? Even I have trouble telling them apart at times. About to enter daycare this morning. Sometimes they kick and scream at each other, and the next minute they are the best of friends. Loving it. :)

Random other things:
  • I'll spraypaint the Space Marine statue gold again, then matte varnish it. The last time I failed to realise it was so smooth, so the Oxide wash had nothing to hold on to to. Also, the Oxide was way too thick.. 
  • Over at the Guild., a new Group Build has started; fortified, dug in and defence. I've been reading up on Iran-Iraq war scenario's and battles and have found several scenario's in which Iraqi tanks start dug in and cannot move during the game. Rather then make sandbag emplacements to slot around the bases, I will make a master of sandbag defences (in scale!) and a mould out of that, so that I can put my greenstuff tanks into the positions and add more sandbags to that. 
  • Friends have asked me to focus on TNT for Poldercon, maybe only do 3 demos instead of 4, and skip CY6! I'm still thinking about it.
  • Sgt Screams payment for the statues arrived today, 2 more 1st Edition plastic Terminators, plus some very nice RT Orks and a single RT...ehm space man? Guard? I'm not sure what he is actually. I've been so busy this week I completely failed to post his models, so when I finish tonights Blogpost I'll pack and label it, ready for shipping tomorrow.
  • I've traded a blister of metal Spirit host for some bits. These will be for Mordheim/Frostgrave and my undead collection for the graveyard.
  • I've found a limited collectors edition Marco Colombo in a unopend pack. If you know someone who can use that, feel free to pass on that information. I'm looking for 12 pounds excluding shipping or a swap for RT era Space Marines.
  • I've traded quite a bit of stuff over the last few weeks just to get a small stash of RT era Marines (plastic and metal) as well as 2 Calth dreads to go with them. I want to use those for my own RT games when the city is finished. If you have any RT era Marines, let me know, I'd like to trade.
  • I picked up a half styrofoam ball to make a planet from for space games. Just because I felt like it.
  • My purchase of the week is not a miniature, but something extremely usefull for the hobby. It's a 2nd hand heavy office comb binding machine that I picked up at the 2nd hand shop that is old but fully functional. Just what I needed to make booklets for the TNT demo and to bind any rulessets I print off in the future. I'm trolling Marktplaats right now to find some used lots of binders ( Fun fact: I actually owned a box full of them during Uni, when I would strip them off old thesisis and reports that had to disposed off as waste paper, and then reused them when running a copying and binding service for my fellow class mates. I've always been a small fry enterpreneur. )

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  1. Sounds like you had a productive week, even if not much of it was hobby.
    Let me know if you need an extra pair of hands on the room refurbishing or hauling stuff to/from the attic.

    1. Will do Erik. I'll let you know in advance. You in for next friday btw? We'll have a guest from the UK coming over for a game of Frostgrave.