zondag 6 maart 2016

Poldercon CY6! scenario - Old Crow - planning stage

The scenario I have selected for the Poldercon CY6! mission is "Old Crow". This is from the original rulebook. It desribes a mission by the 363rd Fighter squadron flying P-51B's, escorting B-17G's on a bombing run to Leipzig, being attacked by Bf-109's and Fw-190's. Things like spotting, visibility, sun side etc will not be used for the demo game, this is purely for flying and shooting.

What I need for this game is the following:

2x Bf 109G-6
2xFw 190-A8

4x P-51B
6x B-17G

After checking my extensive collection I find that the Germans are not the problem, they are easily covered. The Ameican side however is a problem. I only own 4 B-17G's, and 1 of those has the underside and top turrets filed down (what was I thinking??) so that is useless. I'll need to order 2 packs of those (ISA 280b at 2.80 Pounds per 2). Strangely, I also do not own any Mustang B's ( I could have sworn I had a few) so those will need to be ordered as well (ISA 283a at 2.00 Pounds per 6) but 1 pack of those will suffice.

After checking tons of planes I noticed that quite a few of them already had magnets drilled and glued in place, but worryingly half a dozen or so had shattered magnets, where the outer layer had peeled off and the magnet itself seems to have disintegrated? A few aircraft had small nailheads in the underside, which might be a safer bet as replacing a shatterd magnet from inside a painted aircraft is a nightmare, where the magnets from the flightstands are easily replaced. The nailhead would also help with hooking on the smoke trail for an engine fire. I'll go have a look for a box of small nails at the DIY tomorrow, can't be too expensive at the Hornbach in Tilburg where I have to be tomorrow to get started on clearing out the garage.

Painting wise I will start with the 2 German sets, see if I'm not missing any suitable decals and if so, order those along with the American planes when and if I have the money. I will paint them the same way as I'm used to, in pairs with the same scheme, but different numbering and/or prop colour. Old Crow and friends are easy, tons of info on that scheme for any particular date to be found, including D-Day schemes (always nice).

Which ia great scheme for the first flight, and to diversify I'd like to use another Fighter aquadron (486th) and go with this scheme:
Easy to see which group is which.

For the 109G-6's I think I will go with this, easy scheme for later war as well even if this one is missing the nose bulges.

Fw190's...Pips machine is pretty iconic. Also grey camouflage suitable for later war.

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