dinsdag 15 maart 2016

Inspiration for the day

Brought to you by Facebook and random Google searches

The WSS page had this as a picture for a message about the Editor gaming with the Author of Gates of Antares.
A crashed spaceship will look lovely with my 28mm Post Apoc table, my 20mm Sci-Fi project and in the future with my 3mm Sci-Fi....and I can use the same ship for all 3....just have a to be a bit careful with the basing and make some in scale addon pieces.

Another hit for the Post Apoc table would be.....
Simple thing, eye catcher and always good for a laugh.

Stuff that nobody makes in 1/600th and that I want are:

1 of these:

And a flight of these (so 2 or 3):

Might get a pack of Ju-188's and cobble these together with that as a donor.

Of course, no time or money to do all of this soon. But a man can dream :)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I would like some Heinkel 1078Bs and Do 335s. I won't hold my breath!

    1. 335 I see becoming available in the future, but the 1078B....like never. Looks like a fun one to scratchbuild with laminated plasticcard for the wingsshape.