donderdag 24 maart 2016

Progress update and a sale

Right. I have managed to move all the filled boxes from the living room into the attic, and paid the price with a sore knee for the past 2 days. I did some more planning and in 2 more trips I will have completely cleared the storage unit, so that is sorted. I've started filling boxes in the hobby room and putting asidee stuff that might be nice to sell in advance for the Impact show, as I need to replenish my brass wire, Vallejo washes and look for suitable stuff for any of my projects.

Sofar I have sold or traded:
  • 7 books 
  • 1 used transport case 
  • 1 Chessex Battlemat
  • 1 limited edition figure still in the box
  • 1 GW Store Promo poster from 10 years ago, brandnew 
And in return I'm getting:
  •  A Rhino new in the box
  • The Predator tank I sold at Crisis last year, still new in the box! (life is funny!)
  • Several Rogue Trader era figures 
  • A handful of Necromunda Cawdor models
  • 70 euros in cash
  • 5 used Fenris wolves
Not bad for 2 days trading. I also received more 2nd edition monopose figs, and I prepared a bunch of blocks with concrete, so I will get cracking on making more statues soon. I will however adorn all of the blocks with a Aquila this time, either still affixed or broken in the dust at the base. Seems...fiting.

I've put up lots more for sale, using FB groups this time, and so far it works quicker then forums.

Tomorrow and friday I have a lot more packing to do, as time is ticking away and the room has to be cleared by the 5th of April (the kids then leave for a 5 day stay at my parents place) ready to be repainted in colours more suitable for a pair of 3 year old girls.... somehow I fear Kim will go for Pink :D. That gives me wednesday to repaint everything, thursday to move furniture from one room to the other and vice versa, and friday to move the essentials back into the hobby room and hook up the computer again for a status update. Of course, best laid plans and all that, but I have saturday as a spare day just in case we get delayed, and the girls will be back sunday afternoon.

Looking forward to it with enthusiasm!

Tomorrow evening I'll take a trip to Tilburg and do some trades, have a few chats, pick up some extra 32mm bases and half of the boxes from my storage locker. Friday evening will be Frostgrave night, Erik and Henri are attending as well as my British guest, so that will be fun. I'd better get my warband properly based up now and my spells printed out....I've managed to misplace my deck of cards ;/

Now to get a proper nights rest :)

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