dinsdag 8 maart 2016

Poldercon TNT scenario - Tanks for nothing - planning stage

The scenario I have selected was released in a demo pack a few weeks ago  It contains the rules, a QRF sheet, cut outs for markers and miniatures and of course a introductory scenario for 2 or more players called "Tanks for nothing". In this scenario the goal of the players is to tap water from old water heater (and not get killed) and either have it in your possession by the end of the game or make your way off the board with it.

What I need for this game is the following:

  • A central ruin of 4 inches in diameter or bigger that houses the water heater.
  • Enough scenery to fill the rest of the 90x90 or 120x120 board and have plenty of line of sight breakers. 
  • A minimum of 2 players.
  • Miniatures or cut-outs for 2 or more premade warbands.
  • Markers and dice.
  • A water heater.
I've laminated and bound the entire pack, prepped the cut out miniatures by glueing it to thin card, laminated all of the markers and that was as far as I could go for now. Until Erik mentioned to me that he had read through the pack and wanted to have a go at playing the game this friday. Just after lunch today I grabbed some bits from my bits box, a bit of wire, a base and some superglue later I had a sort-of water heater, a quick paintjob later I had a finished sort-of water heater and after applying 2 coats of varnish and some papers on the base I have a really finished sort-of water heater.
 In situ it looks the part. Sure, the base colour is different but such is life with washes...and the building (still) isn't finished yet.

The water heater was made from a 1/24 truck bit, with brass wire and pipe, a Zinge industries valve and some pinheads. Paintjob using foam stipling and several light washes.

Erik will bring some Mordheim scenery to fill out the table, so we will see how the game goes. Plenty of time to make adjustments if the need arises.

The rest of the scenery should be done by November as I have a deadline for the Crisis show for a Rogue Trader game.

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