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3mm ruins planning idea (think Stalingrad and Berlin)

I like ruins. No real surprise there. I also like small scales. So, why not combine the 2? I'd like enough to cover at least 1/4 to 1/3rd of my 80x80 table and fill the rest with parks, rural landscapes, industrial areas and railway yards. My options are lasercut card and resin buildings. After some browsing, my options seem to be Gamecraft for the card option with maybe a dozen options, or Brigade Models, who sells intact, not really an potion.

However, with a limited budget Gamecraft is not an option for me. Across the Atlantic shipping is terribly expensive, and his price per item adds up if you need loads. So I've asked a friend with a lasercutter to see what he can come up with. Not that that is perse cheaper, but support your local tradesmen if possible and buying in bulk sure won't hurt either.

So, this one is for Patrick, first the inspiration pieces:

What I want is in 2 parts. 1. Appartment complexes and 2. Factories. Both NOT as ruins!

Factories: For example, this model (I'm assuming it is a Gamecraft one but I'm not sure on that)
The basic shell is just row after row of windows, with a fancier cut piece for the side door which could be seperate so it can be added to houses as well. Beams spanning across would be ideal but perhaps too fiddly to cut. 2 sides would be needed that can be identical. A roof can be made with loose card or plasticcard. If I'm going for the tractor factories, these would be sizeable buildings. All my 3mm ground stuff is based on 20mm squares, so these can be placed easily inside a sizeable building. 8x5 cm is a nice area, larger is not a problem. They list it as being 40mm tall, so that is about the size you are looking at including the sloped roof. Feel free to look at a easier roofshape or the Zig zag ones you see. Internal walls can be made with cut off and scraps of board.

Appartment complexes/rows of houses.

You have either a square of a house,  4x 4cm's, or variants thereof, working in 2cm increments using the same template copied row after row. 4x4 base template would be the same 2cm width space with windows repated twice. A 4x4 base would have 2 blind walls and 2 walls with windows and a cental door. Gleuing them side by side would create rows of apartment blocks. A 2x2 base with 2 pieces with single windows and a door and 2 blind ones could be used to connect appartment blocks or as a stairwell, being a connector piece.

Offcuts could be used to make balconies and other structural details. Keeping the prints as basic as possible makes it easier for you to design and easier for me to manipulate.

Each cut house, be it 2x4 or 4x4 would be 5 pieces, 2 blind walls, 2 window walls and 1 roof. Only the walls need dovetails (you know, the connectors) on the side, the top does not.

It depends on the size of the sheet of cardboard how many of these you can cram into it. 1 basic 4x4 appartment house uses up 20x4 cm's of space. Going off on A4 size, that would be 9 rows so 9 houses. And 18 2x4 connector pieces. Ideally it would be 1 sheet with 7 4x4 houses and and 4 2x4 connector pieces so you could stay really generic. Edit: No it isn't, and this is why you don't do math at 2 in the morning! It is actually 6 trows, and then 5 rows with 4x4 and 1 row with 2x2

If possible, the 7th 5th row of 4x4 houses needs to be reversed connector wise, so I can use those pieces to make corner buildings

So 64 rows of normal 4x4's, 1 row of reversed 4x4's and 2 1 rowns of 2x4 connector pieces and all of the offcuts if possible.

If the size of cardboard is different let me know so I can recalculate.

14-7-206 13:05 Edited for math mistakes

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