zaterdag 9 juli 2016

Keeping motivated

At the moment, I'm having a hard time staying motivated. This depression casuses me to not care about anything, sleep 12-14 hours a day and when I am up I just watch Youtube videos and read Blogs and Forums all day. Painting I have not done since tuesday. There is still no date set for therapy or any kind of treatment. I have been going to the gym to train my knee, but I end up even more tired and aching (which is a good thing, that means it is working).

There were a few things that brought a smile to my face though.

Modhail dropped in lastnight, not to game or paint, but just to chat and show off the Baleful Realmgates he painted for me (and I need to sort out some more models for him as a payment).

If you ever played the game Portal you should recognise the colors used :) I like the way he painted his rock, he mixes in green, I will try that for myself soon. Modhail also marvelled at the size of the 3mm aircraft and the possibility this gives fro Crimson Skies cause now his Zeppelin looks the size of a real Zeppelin, and converting 3mm stuff is rather easy. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Like I said before, I hardly ever buy anything, I much more prefer to trade/swap, though sometimes I see things the scratchbuilder in me just can't pass up.

On the Oude Dozen FB page (a trading group for unwanted kits) 1/72 isn't a popular scale, most if 1/48 and 1/35 and 1/24. But this week we had a new seller with loads of 1/72 vehicle kits. I picked this lot up for 5 euros per box. 2x M3A1, 1 for my British, 1 for my Russians, a 231 and a 232 for my Germans (undecided yet what period), and 3 Esci kits that are just perfect to turn into wrecks for WW2 and Afghanistan/general Middle East. At least thinking of wrecks gets my creativity flowing again.

I also went through my recent trades/purchases box and grabbed out these 3 statues, gave them a good rub down with alcohol, sanded the bases smooth and based them. The plan is to paint them stone like Modhail does, and jewel the eyes. 1 purple, 1 green and 1 red. I have absolutely no intention of doing anything Chutulu-ish but just like the statues, and they will look nice in Frostgrave too or any other High fantasy setting or even amongst the city ruins as eye catchers. Just need to finish the edges and get them basecoated.

Right, that is a crappy pic if I ever took one. Copplestones 15mm Old One idols
Speaking of baseoating, I recently managed to trade some Kolony87 miniatures, the Governess and the Ambassador. I snipped off the tabs, cleaned them up and based them, ready for basecoat.

I'm looking forward to painting some 28mm models again, it has been ages.

All this surfing and browsing does get me quite a few bits of inspiration, and I just made a collage of what ticked my brain in the past few days.

Going clockwise.....A converted Necron Doom Scythe into a Ork contraption....this has made me search out second hand  ones straight away as I 'd love to add this to my Ork posse. A Necron head as a gasmask conversion will do nicely for my Inquisitor party. Death guard because I've collected quite a few old RT Beakies now that I want to paint up in that scheme. I even bought the official Forgeworld decalsheet for it. Expensive but at A4 size well worth it. A servitor cause you can never have enough servitors. A Kroot, purely for the paintjob as n inspiration for my own Kroot, followed by a Cultist which makes me want to combine Frotsgrave sprues with 40K sprues. And finally a nice conversion of the heavy stubber/flamer cultist into a overly large chainsaw that fits anything from 40K to Post Apocalyptic times....

Closing up, I want to inform you all that the airbrush I bought....<cough> 18 months ago <cough>.... is now on my table. I need to clear that of everything, turn a cardboard box into a spraybooth and just start basecoating figures and stuff to get a feel for it. It is not doing me any good stored in my cabinets and I paid good money for it.

Plenty of things to spike my interest and keep me going, but I know very well my dark mood can take over any minute and waste a couple of days or even a week just like that.

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