maandag 11 juli 2016

Last of the scenario books have arrived (CY6!)

They are in! 1 week delivery from Caliver Books, most excellent (though it has me worried about the Doms Decals order as that is now over 2 weeks old and no reply from Dom about that). With all of the aircraft in stock I will be busy for quite some time.

Crisis in Kasmir (CiK); The war between India and Pakistan. Piers loves conflict in this region, this peaked his interest, and my goal is to get all of the aircraft painted and done before (whenever that may be) I fly back to Ireland. Early jets so lots of guns, including some stuff no usually seen (can you say Folland Gnat?)

Guadacanal: Floatplane Hell (GFH); For Modhail as he likes the Pacific so much. Of course, if it turns out he does not like the game I'll just happily paint aircraft for it and call it a day for now.

Road to Rabaul (RtB); Same thing really.

So, focussing on CiK first, I will need to paint the following:

4x Vampire (got 4)
7x Gnat (got 6)
7x Mystere IVA (got 0)
2x MiG-21PF (got 2)
5x Hunter (got 5)
6x Canberra (got 3)

6x F-86F (got 6)
2x F104A (got 2)

That is just 39 aircraft! And most are bare aluminium!

Edit: The entire Pakistanti Air Force sanded, cleaned and magnets epoxied to the undersides.Done!

And the mistery plane.....which will get a Blogpost all of his own soon.

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  1. 😃 You're just like me huh.
    Start with one game, but then jump big at another before the previous one is even finished 😉. Not that I'm complaining, I love your ideas and enthousiasm. Though I would have loved to see more of your TNT and BFG creations.

    1. BFG is on hold due the paint I need is not in my collection, and I'm learning to use my airbrush now for basecoating. TNT is on hold as I need to ctahc the bug again and make 3 more pieces to go with the ruin I have now, and I've scrapped my thrid drawing just the other week. Sure, I'm all over the place, but at least most of it is running in circles. Even if they take a couple of years :D

    2. I'm pretty sure most Wargamers work that way. The rest is just in denial :D

  2. Just 39 aircraft? Very tempting as I have a lot of those too. And what is the mystery plane? Some Luft '46 late war project?

  3. Nice project the Indo- Pakistan war. If only as it features an assortment of classic British jets.



    1. It is quite the menagerie indeed. Now wondering wether to paint what I have, or order the remaining ones in my next (August) order and add decals for India as well, as I just been rummaging through my box and I can't find that sheet, and paint the lot when they arrive. I did just put the last of the varnish on the entire Pakistani AIr Force.