zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Bargain basement hill, with a side order of frog legs.

Picked up something at Marktplaats on wednesday, and it arrived today. The 2 (of 4) part hills from GW from 2004. I already have the single hill painted up for the desert, and thought this would be a nice addition for 3mm games and 28mm Pulp and God knows what if I leave the flock off. Was very surprised to see my 10 euro bid get accepted, but to be honest the pics looked shit and the flock applied to it didn't do it any favours cause it just looked...weird? And nobody else bid either, that helps.

I will never understand why people flock bare plastic, and do that with that mucky plastic kiddy thick Uhu glue. The bits on the left came off in one long strip of thick congealed glue, some of the flock on the right did the same but there the glue just broke off in chunks. After 5 minutes I was fed up with that, dunked it in a bath of hot water and soap and just left it there for 10 minutes. Then some elbowgrease was applied and 99,5 % came off cleanly. Job's a good one!

Also, I could use some opinions of Mr Frogleg here.

Cape is ok, nicely highlighted to a orangy reddish colour (and I just noticed I nicked his loincloth there), the green skin has 2 highlights but it is not working for me. I have not painted 28mm for ages, so hey, any pointers are appreciated. Nice model though, from Kolony87.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Frogman is looking pretty good, but I think he needs a wash to bring out the details. Green would be good for the skin, but you could do some over all washes too.

    1. See, there we have a problem, the green has had 3 Brown washes already. The overpowerd light isn't doing it any favours :(