zondag 24 juli 2016

More 3mm Panthers ahead

After posting my previous post lastnight, I went out and made a Bergepanther as well.

I see I need to clean up the spare roadwheels I put in the box. And yes, the box on the deck is a bit crooked, but I gave up after glueing them to my fingers twice and then just thought the hell with it. It looks ok-ish
 Then went and built a Regelbau Pantherturm for a non-city environment (Italy, Germany)

Yes, complete with backdoor!
Then based up 4 Panthers, 1 Co and 3 regular ones. One is actually a spare for a bigger game, as in Battlegroup the unit is normally 3 tanks (1Co and 2 regular ones). Now I need to get some Greenstuff and make 3 more casts for the 3 wrecks that I want to build, then get everything basecoated and paint it all in one go.

My CO's will be the ones with a turned turret.

While the regular ones will be stock standard casts.
Now, since my book is in storage *somewhere* I pcicked up the Panther pack as a test to see if things clicked for me. And yes, they do. Since Modhail likes the desert, I've decided to focus my attention to the upcoming release of Battlegroup Afrika, and guesstimate what I need based on the previous books. So I need to sort out Infantry, trucks and armour. Artillery bases, as they are usually offboard for me, can wait till next time. Sofar I have 15 euros in the pocket for my budgetted 50 euro order, so I need to get my thumb out and find more stuff to sell.

But, I'm not going to splurge or anything. I want smal to mid point lists, 4 per main battle tank, 1's of recce vehicles, enough trucks to transport troops and have supply trucks as well, 1 platoon of infantry with all options, and all of the air support choices available (but that is never more then 2-3 aircraft and maybe a bomber). The handy thing about Oddzial Osmy packs is that they (usually) have 15 of the same vehicle in the pack. So3-4 for the desert, 3-4 for early war, 3-4 for Winter war and spares for Late War oddballs (well, this applies to the Germans only of course). If I still have too many of a certain vehicle I can always trade them with others.

So, on the buy list is:
  • British Infantry
  • German Infantry
  • British Trucks
  • German Trucks
  • Italian Trucks
  • French Trucks and car
  • Russian Trucks
  • A modern car pack ....because it has a Beetle in it.
  • British Cruiser Tanks
  • German Light and Medium Tanks
  • British and German command group
  • German Armoured Cars
  • British Armoured Cars 
  • Palm trees
Anything else is for next time. I've given myself 2 months to clean, base and paint the 2 mainforces (aircraft and wrecks can come second this time). For now, I can get a head start on painting the houses and basing them up.

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