maandag 25 juli 2016

My Mininatur order - a short review

Mininatur has been my one stop tuft shop from before the tuft craze started. You could buy tufts at various other places but they tended to be his stuff with a new label stuck on it and the contents halved. I used to order there once a year to stock up on tufts, but that ground to a halt around 2012 when I ran out of money. Not that much has changed now, money wise, but hey.

I felt I had postponed a new order long enough as especially my moss pads sheet was almost empty and I had been unable to find any at last years Crisis show. So, I saved up, made the order for 4 boxes of tufts and bits, paid and waited.

And waited.

Nothing came for a month, which was unusual as they have been superfast the previous times, so I sent out an email enquiring to the status of my order. But then I got word no one could find my payment (I did a banktransfer) so I sent them all the details and waited again. After 2 more weeks I was getting a tad upset so i emailed again and I was told that they had found my payment, but the day it arrived the owner had passed away (at a mere 66 years old) and then everything became one tangled mess.....I can only imagine. I had this happen before during a emailconversation with the late owner of Britannia Miniatures who died after we had been chatting about my order and what he needed to get done before he could cast my order etc. Now I'm starting to feel like s shop owner killer or something......

Anyway, they sorted everything out, told me they would get on it, and I told them to take their time to get the shop up and running again and I'm in no rush what so ever anyway (as always really).

So, yesterday, a box is delivered, and upon opening I'm greeted by my order and then some.
I only ordered the 4 boxes, I was surprised to find rolls of tufts stuffed in the box.
Upon opening both rolls I find strip after strip after strip of various type of their product.
I was a bit gobsmacked by all of this. Some seem to be endpieces, but others are exactly what you would get in a small pack. There seems to be about 30 euros worth of product stuffed in besides my order. I'm not sure what to say.

As soon as I do, I will send them a email confirming the arrival of my order and how I feel about all the extra bits. I know it is super generous of them, but they did not have to do it, and gifts of any kind make me very uneasy (I can never just accept stuff, ever.....I think I'm just weird that way)

Anyway, the order. What I ordered is there, and the items I selected blindly are what I expected of them....his item photographs are very good and detailed.

  • 747-24 Moss pads - late fall. This is what I use for low grass on 20mm figures, and fields of small bushes in 3mm. I use this stuff all the time.
  • 002-24 Grass Flock, 2mm, 50 grams, Late Fall. A slightly lighter shade then the Moss Pads, I picked it up for dry grass in 3mm scale and from the looks of it is perfect :)
  • 737-33 1:45+ 2 Colour grass tufts, Early Fall. For the ruined city and the other post apocalyptic stuff.
  • 717-23 Short tufts, Early Fall - for imitating large bushes and shrubs in 3mm and swamp areas
As you might notice, I prefer my grass/tufts to be of a brownish tone....bright green is fun if you are playing on a Games Workshop goldcourse, but nature tends to be more muted.

Anyway, their service is still excellent, and according to the website, his son and daughter and employees will continue the store so I will be back. Next year.

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