donderdag 28 juli 2016

Rome wasn't built in a day

I have mixed feelings about these.

Bright spots:
  • It looks really, really good, pretty fast. The time per building isn't all that bad.
  • Easy to edit the PDF's by copying them to Paint and keeping the same ratios.
  • It's a bit relaxing tbh.
  • It is super cost effective.
Dark spots:
  • Up close, it is not all picture perfect.
  • The paper tears easy when wet with glue, so apply sparingly, but that means you have to work faster and only really get one go to get it right. It also helps if the knife used to score the edges does so lightly.
  • Cardboard glued to the inside makes it really strong, but concaves the walls.
  • These really need bases to live as long as possible. 
  • My inktjet isnt up for the task other then checking if I got the dimensions right, even the merest hint of water lets the ink bleed. I'll have to ask Remco if I can borrow his laserprinter again.
A friend just told me I might get rid of the concave walls by glueing a piece of paper to the bare cardboard side to lift it, I will give it a try.

The jury ain't out on this yet.

Edit: Tbh, this is my usual problem, I want it picture perfect or not at all. I have to learn to accept that it doesn't work that way if I want some games in. It is pointless to keep dropping stuff cause it does not meet my high standards. So, I will proceed with these items, making as many samples as I can to be printed off by Remco when he gets back from his holiday. Also, I need to find a cheap source of 1-1.5mm mounting board to base the building blocks on.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It is a tricky one. If you look closely you can always tell its paper, but your phot evidences the fact that they can look good en masse, and how else can you cover a table cost effectively? Just don't peer to closely at something that is meant to be viewed from a few feet away!

    1. I'll just have to get my head around it, it fits my budget, looks good at a glance, and takes surprisingly little effort to get done up. Damn this perfectionism :)

    2. They look pretty good in the photograph in my opinion.
      After all, painting isn't perfect either.

    3. Thx Wouter, you are quite right on the painting part :)