woensdag 6 juli 2016

Nailing it: 1/600th aka 3mm

Fysio has been killing me this week (and with fitness starting tomorrow for the first time and a 45-60 min training scheme that isn't anything to laugh about that will not change) so I've been keeping it low sofar. What I did do after mondays Fysio was post a package (jay, more hobby income) and dropped in the DIY to make anice long bike run to train that knee of mine. Why the DIY? Well, they have a bin full of off cuts that people don't want (usually) and you never know what you will find. Sometimes people even bin very large sheets of MDF and other woods, a bit crazy to see a 1x1 metre sheet of perfectly fine 12mm MDF get binned but such is life. Anyway, I found six 5cm wide slats of Multiply plus half a broomstick and repaid them with a well meant Thank You! (and till next time, cause I like free stuff like this).
I find broomsticks, either thick (left) or thin (right) the ideal gripping size to hold for prolonged times and to glue stuff to to paint it. But I also have a bad habit of painting things halfway and then leaving them for a while....well, a long while, so extras are never a bad thing. Top left ones have nails in them so I can just click the 1/600th aircraft to them for painting.

FFW to cutting off some 5cm pieces of the multiply for zelf supporting painting bases, cutting the broom handle in 5cm pieces and sanding down everything I hammerd nails in the planks and a few bits of broom handle. And now I need more planks :)
Muliply slats, box of flathead nails, Bob's your uncle. The longest ones are the max size my cabinets can take. My sets of drawers can take much more but 25cm is all she (the cabinets) can take , Captain. A nail roughly every 3-4 cm's. Oddly enough, compared to the tackle box I used, this stores much more in less space and much quicker. The tackle box makes a great transport box though. IIRC, (fltr) the 1st plank stuff for Iran-Iraq, Vietnam and Cold War, 2nd plank is for the Desert Spitfires book from Wings at War (which I have just reprinted), 3rd plank is for Bombing the river Bug, 4th plank is what I need to paint for 1st campaign, Stars and Pyramid, Israeli side, 5th plank is almost all of my stuff for Thud Ridge and 6th plank is my painted stuff for the Stars and Pyramids, 1st campaign.

That's not all of my aircraft btw. There are more on the original block. Still, these planks make it very easy to sort stuff for a sceanrio and to keep things seperated in my cabinets/drawers. I've now found all of my completed, WIP and unpainted aircraft.

That's one brick of unsliced WW2 on your left, and 1 brick of pure Moderns on your right.
Now, I also found a box full of 6mm aircraft. A very, very large box. A rather heavy box too. I can either sort everything or try and sell it in one large lot to get rid of it. I can use the money, that is for sure. Atm I don't think I will get back into painting 6mm aircraft tbh, I much prefer 3mm..

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  1. I really ademire your organisational skills. Puts mine to shame.



    1. Trust me, the rest of the room is rubbish atm :D (but I'm working on that)